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Specializing in helping businesses of all types attain a merchant account. Most accounts are approved within the same day. Contact

Glen Kaplan
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Cardservice International
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Cardservice International (CSI) is an established leader in the transaction processing industry. Founded in 1988, we have maintained an outstanding track record of bringing groundbreaking products, services and technology to market. Our experience and expertise have helped us remain at the forefront of the industry.

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U.S. Merchant Systems:
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U.S. Merchant Systems is a Merchant Account Provider for Visa® and MasterCard®. In other words, we provide businesses with the ability to accept credit cards. In addition to Visa and MasterCard, we can also set up merchant accounts with American Express®, Discover® and Diners Club®. In order to accept credit cards a merchant needs a Merchant Account. U.S. Merchant Systems provides these Merchant Accounts. Accept credit cards today and start growing your business.  Look to U.S. Merchant Systems to help you achieve.

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